Back in the old days, blogs were considered glorified online journals that contained a lot of useful information about “worldly affairs and stuff”. And back then, the main goal of blogs and articles was limited to providing credible information to its readers. Today however, they are also used as a highly marketable tool to reach out to millions of potential customers and boost revenue in the process.

According to a Hubspot report, writing 15-20 blogs per month equals to gaining about 1,200 leads on average, which is noticeable higher than traditional marketing methods. This is why it’s essential to avail reliable and affordable content writing services so you can mass-produce content and gain the leads you desire.

It is obvious that blogging is still considered an important and useful way of connecting with people all around the world to benefit your personal or professional life, or sometimes, both. Since there are billions of people online who love to read informative and entertaining content, it is an important practice to provide high-quality blogs and articles to your readers so that they have a good reason to stick around a little lot longer than usual.

As luck would have it, there are reliable and affordable content writing services providers who specialize in creating high-quality blogs and articles to keep the burden off your shoulders. According to this report, 89% of marketers are increasing their budget on blogging and inbound marketing because it costs 61% less in terms of lead-generation, compared to other marketing techniques.

What is the Benefit of Blogging?

Many have asked us about the significance of blogs and articles and how big an affect it may have on sales. Our usual response is: “VERY BIG”. Blogging is one of the most crucial tools to increase your sales, generate more leads, brand the business better and become an authority in your niche.

While all of this may seem like a monumental task, many content writing firms offer highly reliable and affordable content writing services to make it all possible.

Get More Leads

According to Hubspot, B2B marketers receive 67% more leads when they publish blogs and articles on their client’s websites. Why? Blogging is one of the most effective platforms to brand your business, its products and/or services.

Attract More Traffic

Since you are writing something informative related to your niche, you are probably attracting a lot of individuals who are looking to get informed on that particular topic. Finding the right readers for your respective niche is all a matter of clever SEO techniques, aka search engine optimization. This technique is used by bloggers and content writers to promote the website and spread awareness about a particular brand.

Hiring reliable and affordable content writing services will drive the kind of traffic to your site that you’ve always dreamt of. Hubspot confirms that marketers who publish 20 or more blogs a month get 5x more traffic than people who publish less than 4 blogs a month.

Google Loves High-Quality Blogs

In order to have your website ranked high on a search engine, you need to make sure you are publishing quality-driven blogs and articles regularly and the best way to accomplish that is by hiring reliable and affordable content writing services. A new blog post gives birth to a new page on your website, which reels in more traffic and attracts potential audience members to your website. This is very useful when it comes to spreading brand awareness.

Blogs Get Shared on Social Media

If there is one thing that’s most commonly shared on social media networks, it’s visually appealing and interesting to read content. People love to share things that leave them awestruck – this can be an interesting blog, informative article, mind blowing video or a jaw-dropping photograph. Whatever your niche is, you need to make sure that you deliver great, highly shareable blogs and articles to your audience. You can do that by hiring a content writing firm that offers reliable and affordable content writing services so that your content is interesting, entertaining and informative to read.

When your blog is shared by your audience, it builds more awareness about your brand and also helps people recognize your company as an authoritative as well as credible source for reading interesting and informative blogs and articles.

Drive More Sales

Giving higher priority to building authority rather than traffic and leads might seem counter-intuitive, but in the long run, it helps drive successful sales due to better customer relationships.

Since blogging is mostly about educating people about your brand, chances are you’ll have far more product sales conversions than a company who doesn’t blog at all.

Good blogging isn’t as hard as it’s sometimes made out to be. Save yourself the trouble and outsource your blogging efforts by obtaining reliable and affordable content writing services from a reputable content writing firm.

Improve Customer Experience

If you want to build a better relationship with your customers and clients, you need to ensure that you are feeding them content that helps them personally and/or professionally. When you blog, you are actually allowing people to better understand what your brand and business is all about, which results in zero unanswered questions and maximum customer satisfaction.

Seeking reliable and affordable content writing services from a content writing firm can improve user experience monumentally, since the firm fully understands how to write custom content for your audience.

Entice People to Use Your Product/Service

When you publish quality-driven content regularly in the form of a blog or article on your website, you reach a plethora of customers and clients, enticing them subconsciously to use your products and/or services. Quality blogs and articles provide valuable insights about your brand and business – gaining a prospect’s trust and compelling him/her to try out your products or services.

Why Choose Michael Words for Articles and Blogs?

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