Social media platforms are used by billions around the world each day. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ etc. have all influenced our personal lives so much that the thought of living without some kind of social media interaction is unimaginable.

These platforms also double as a fantastic marketing channel.

That’s right. Social media is commonly used by nearly every business today to attract more customers, gain website traffic and keep audiences sticking to a particular brand for ions.

Many reliable and affordable content writing services providers offer social media marketing services as well. Any kind of marketing requires high-quality content that drives audiences into reading or viewing content they like to engage with, and this is where the power of social media truly shines.

The Importance of Social Media Marketing

According to Wearesocial, there are 3.4 billion active internet users in the world today and 2.3 billion of those people own social media accounts. Out of these, 2 billion users are active on social media platforms through their smartphones.

For online marketers, social media platforms are identical to jackpots, that is, if you know how to apply a truly winning strategy. The most reliable and affordable content writing service providers know how to capitalize on strategies that lay the groundwork for attracting a suitable audience to your social media page. Do this properly, and you’ll see your leads and sales going through the roof.

If you think social media doesn’t have the power to influence the audience to purchase your brand, think again. People mostly research products or services they want to avail on social media channels. And thanks to these platforms, they find authentic reviews on the brands they’re interested in the most, which greatly influences purchase decisions.

In fact, if your target audience is between 18-34 years of age, social networks are your best bet to gain them as followers. According to MarketingSherpa, 95% of adults aged between 18 and 34 are most likely to follow a brand on social media platforms channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google + etc.

Social media can also be used as a very effective customer service tool. Its ability to increase brand awareness, build brand engagement, listen and respond to customer feedback and win new ones along the way, cannot be underestimated. Ambassador has confirmed that 71% people who receive good customer service on a social media platform are even more likely to recommend that brand to others – thereby increasing brand awareness and building more leads for the business.

The time to jump on the social media bandwagon is now. Avail reliable and affordable content writing services that include social media marketing services, so you can publish rich and share-worthy content that satisfies the needs and desires of your audience, drastically boosting your customer service in the process.

Social media platforms are also great for keeping an eye out for “off the record” conversations about your brand; 96% of conversations regarding your business or brand are discussed beyond your own social media profiles.

According to Hubspot, visual content is shared more than 40 times on social media networks compared to other types of content. If your business focuses mainly on visual content, it is highly recommended that you plan a social media marketing strategy that allows customers to share your content, so that your brand can reach thousands of potential customers.

Post interesting, attractive and informative content on social media networks so that it becomes highly shareable. This kind of content can only be created if you’re a naturally gifted expert in writing compelling content or if you hire reliable and affordable content writing services rendered by a reputable firm.

Now, you might be asking yourself “Why the need to hire reliable and affordable content writing services?” Although there are social media marketing firms out there that work solely on social media platforms – reaching out to content writing firms who offer such services is far more cost-effective than you might have thought.

Reliable and affordable content writing services that also offer social media marketing services are more likely to provide you with the proverbial bang for the buck. Since these firms have experienced writers who are highly adept at writing compelling and persuasive content, your social media channels will be fraught with exceptionally well-written, highly attractive and shareable content – which is exactly what you want for your business.

Why Michael Words for Social Media Marketing

Over the years, Michael Words has been providing reliable and affordable content writing services that are high in terms of quality yet economical in terms of price. As our company started to expand, we diversified our services to accommodate businesses and individuals looking for SEO based content, social media marketing, virtual assistance, product descriptions, press-releases etc.

What makes us different from other digital content writing companies?

Here are some of the key aspects that really make us stand out, compared to other reliable and affordable content writing service providers out there:

  •   One royalty free image with every piece of content
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  •   Free posting on your social media page, profile or channel
  •   SEO-friendly content that drives more traffic and leads

Final Words

Social Media Marketing is essential for driving more sales and traffic to your website, effectively increasing brand awareness and building long-term trust with your customers. It’s also a great way to enhance your SEO strategy and land on the front page of mainstream search engines.

Choosing reliable and affordable content writing services that include social media marketing services is the perfect way to better drive your business’s potential and increase revenues by ten folds.