No matter how big or small your business is, having a professional assistant take care of your day-to-day activities is the perfect way to have a little leisure time for yourself or focus on other areas of business. However, if you don’t have a physical address and solely run your business remotely, hiring a virtual assistant may be an ideal solution for you.

What is a virtual assistant?

In plain words, a virtual assistant is an experienced individual who remotely assists and helps you manage your daily business activities and priorities. There are content writing firms that, along with reliable and affordable content writing services, provide virtual assistance services as well. This is just what you need if you prefer working remotely or don’t want to hire an assistant for your physical business address.

Why should you avail virtual assistance? Simply put, there is no better option to consider if you like working remotely. However, many businesses are now availing virtual assistant services due to the sheer convenience and affordability. Most companies that avail virtual assistance are more productive than those with employed assistants. It can benefit you tremendously if you look for companies who offer virtual assistance along with reliable and affordable content writing services.

What makes content writing firms a better choice than firms that offer virtual assistance only? Most of the virtual assistant’s work revolves around managing paperwork, checking emails and scheduling day-to-day appointments. You should always seek virtual assistants who are native proficient in English and have the good experience and communication skills to effectively manage everyday business functions. This is something a content writing firm can provide seamlessly.

The Importance of Virtual Assistance

Businesses are now realizing the importance of utilizing the internet for almost all of their daily activities and priorities. Unfortunately, there are only a handful of small businesses worldwide that are actually able to reap the full benefits of the internet. But those that do are quick to gain an authoritative edge in their respective niche.

By 2018, virtual assistant services will be worth $5 billion since many businesses now feel more comfortable working remotely with virtual assistants and employees.

Outsourcing virtual assistant services to content writing firms who offer reliable and affordable content writing services is the best option. You’ll not only get affordable services to streamline your business functions, but also get help with writing persuasive emails, creating exemplary presentations and other day-to-day activities that bring good content writing and communication skills into play. After all, that is what content writers do best: creating highly attractive and informative content to leave a highly positive impact on your customers as well as business clients.

There are a select few content writing firms that, along with reliable and affordable content writing services, also provide virtual assistance in:

  •      Social Media Marketing
  •      Customer Support
  •      Online Lead Generation
  •      Desktop Publishing
  •      Internet Marketing and SEO
  •      Content Creation – Visual and Written
  •   Proofreading and Editing Content

Why Choose Michael Words for Virtual Assistance

Michael words is a renowned content writing firm and considered one of the top content writing agencies on the web today. We offer reliable and affordable content writing services that are comparable to the most prestigious content writing companies.

Our topmost priority is to keep our customers and clients satisfied with our line-up of services and we are quick to respond to requests any kind of feedback.

Many clients started to request a virtual assistant service so that we could iron out the bulk of their daily businesses activities such as content creation, proofreading, editing, social media marketing, internet marketing, search engine optimization etc.

So we paid heed and now offer virtual assistance to our corporate clients who need reliable and affordable content writing services along with some of the other services mentioned above.

Here is what makes us better than other virtual assistant firms out there:

  •      Highly skilled content creators
  •      Well-versed virtual assistance expertise
  •      100% plagiarism free and error free content
  •      SEO and SMM based content and services
  •   Premium yet affordable services

Final Words

Hiring a virtual assistant is far more cost-effective and practical than employing an on-site office assistant. Virtual assistants are not only more affordable but boast higher productivity as they are working remotely from the comfort of their home.

Hiring a reliable and affordable content writing services provider that offers virtual assistance is a highly feasible option for businesses running in this economic day and age. You should consider it too so that you can obtain the perks that other successful firms are getting from Virtual Assistants.