10 Email Marketing Stats You Need to Know

10 Email Marketing Stats You Need to Know

email marketing stats 2016
While most people would find it difficult to accept it, email marketing stats 2016 reveal that email marketing is bigger than ever. One of the main reasons why email marketing continues to grow at such a rapid pace is the fact that now sending and checking emails is easier than ever thanks to the advancement in technology and the ease of mobile phones and mobile phone apps.

To help you understand email marketing and its importance better, given below are some valuable email marketing stats 2016.

Email Marketing Stats 2016

1) According to a report by Radicati studying email marketing statistics 2016, there are over 4.3 billion email accounts with an average of 2.01 accounts per user. This is important since most users have accounts on multiple platforms, and even on same platforms.

2) According to Epsilon, 54% of all emails sent by businesses are for marketing purposes.

3) Over 900 billion emails were sent in 2015 (related to marketing purposes), according to a report released by Forrester covering email marketing statistics 2016,.

4) According to Exact Target, around 91% of consumers login to their email accounts everyday.

5) According to Merkle, 74% consumers would prefer to have all kind of commercial communications via email.

6) The open and CTR rate depends on the industry, and the latest figures are:

Industry Open Rate CTR
Agriculture and Food Services 25.17% 3.21%
Social Networks and Online Communities 21.87% 3.48%
Photo and Video 26.37% 3.87%
Media and Publishing 22.26% 4.62%
Home and Garden 24.60% 3.77%
Religion 26.35% 3.29%
Sports 25.95% 3.45%
Architecture and Construction 25.06% 2.98%
Arts and Artists 27.45% 2.89%
Beauty and Personal Care 18.96% 2.14%


7) According to Smart Insight’s email marketing stats 2016 report, restaurants have the lowest CTR of 1.30%

8) Around 65% marketers agree that email marketing has been the most beneficial for them and that they have full faith in email marketing statistics 2016.

9) Around 70% consumers have gone ahead and made a purchase based on a marketing an email they received.

10) According to a report by Direct Marketing Association studying email marketing stats, it has an ROI as high as 4,300%.

These email marketing stats 2016 will help you understand the importance of email marketing and why it is one of the best tools to market your business online. Make sure to use it properly to be able to enjoy all the benefits email marketing has to offer. And keep checking this space for more email marketing statistics 2016 and 2017.

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