Pinterest Stats You Need to Know

Pinterest Stats You Need to Know

Pinterest Stats: What Pinterest is All About

Pinterest is a fast growing social media network that is famous for visual content, just like Instagram. However, Pinterest is different from Instagram in quite a few ways. It has boards and allows you to make good use of pins (that’s what the photos are called). In addition to this, you can use SEO tactics here to attract more attention.

So what is all the noise about? Let’s have a look at some surprising Pinterest stats.

  1. Pinterest has 150 million users as of 2016. (source)
  2. Around 75% of Pinterest users are females, however the number of men is on a constant rise with 33.3% of new signups now coming from men, doubling the numbers. (source)
  3. The platform is mainly used on mobile devices with 3/4th of all users visited it using phones. (source)
  4. It can help businesses make more sales as over 90% of its users have made some kind of an online purchase in the last six months. (source)
  5. Posts or pins that mention price tend to get 35% more views than pins that contain no information on price. (source)
  6. Surprisingly, images that contain no face tends to get 25% more pins than images that contain faces. (source)

Here you go with the latest Pinterest stats as seen at the end of 2016. The Pinterest stats in 2017 clearly show how big this social network has become in the last few years. And unlike Twitter, it is continuing to grow rapidly increasing in numbers. The best part is that Pinterest is generating interest in all corners, attracted different demographics and offering businesses one major platform to market through.

The social network is expected to grow at the rate of 10% next year, and is said to help businesses grow by 5% if they use it in the right manner to promote what they have to offer.

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