Content Marketing: 6 Effective Linking Practices To Help Your Content Get Ranked

Content Marketing: 6 Effective Linking Practices To Help Your Content Get Ranked

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Content Marketing Tips

Content marketing and SEO go hand in hand, and we understand this. Content, if well written, is naturally optimized and does not need ‘keyword or link stuffing’. The problem surfaces when marketers fail to focus on their objectives, and lose focus. Remember, your content marketing objectives must always fuel your content marketing practices and methods. Fortunately, we have a team of native writers writing articles for your website to come up with content that converts.

A lot of young entrepreneurs turn to Online marketing to be able to make big bucks, however a huge number of these aspiring millionaires fail to make it big simply because they do not understand the dynamics of Online marketing. In this article we’ll have a look at link building and how one can improve this valuable SEO technique:

1. Co-citation

Considered as the sexiest linking technique, co-citation is an effective way to boost your SEO. The good news is that it pledges to fuel your ranking in the years to come. SEO co-citation occurs when your name is cited but not linked. Because Google keeps track of citations and not only links, you can use this technique to boost your websites authority, ranking and recognition.

Here’s how you can do co-citation:

  • Via guest blogging – Make sure to include your website or brand name in the blog posts
  • Via social media posts – Since Google tracks social media for mentions, you can include your website or brand name in social media posts.
  • Via Forums – You can mention your brand name on forums that even don’t allow linking.

2. Keywords

Despite being an Online marketer, I would suggest you to forget about keywords. Keywords are alive, but they have paved the road for sophisticated SEO mix, such as long tail keywords, search intention, semantic application etc.

Gone are the days when keyword stuffing was the norm to get ranked. The concept of keyword density has also vanished. Keywords work no longer to get your website ranked. Now, modern standards call for excellent content to get ranked. Keywords and its semantic relatives would occur organically as the spin-off of good content.

3. Focus on your niche

Focusing on your niche will help you get relevant links from other sites in a more natural way. When you lose sight of your niche, your incoming links would come from irrelevant sites, which will damage your site’s authority.

It is important to understand that when Google crawlers examine your website, they are not just looking for any links. They look for links coming from websites in your niche. And the more relevant sources back link to you, the more boost your websites authority receives.

4. Steer clear of optimizing your anchor text

While linking to other websites, you must steer clear of optimizing your anchor text. Since every text link employs anchor, using your keyword as anchor text can do more harm than good to your website.

For example, when you use “content writing company” as anchor text for the web page, your approach would backfire because the anchor text is utterly terrible in this example. You can try something like: get articles published or get articles for your website.

Since the page’s url, title and content already use the keyword “affordable seo services,” when you optimize the anchor text with that same keyword, your site is at a potential risk of getting penalized by Google.

5. Getting links from other websites and blogs

One of the best ways to get back links from other relevant sites is to establish good relation and interaction with them. You are possibly aware of other key players in your particular niche. They might be your competitors or just other relevant, great sites. When you create back links with them and promote their content, there are chances that they would respond with the same spirit.

6. Internal links

With all the hype and sophistication created around linking, you may forget about one important and effective link building method, i.e. internal linking.

Internal linking occurs when you link one page of your website with another. Even though internal links would not boost your site’s authority, yet they will help your site gain vigor in terms of site structure and veracity.


I began this article by concentrating on content marketing objectives. At this point, I want to remind you about the objectives-concentrated effort.  It is important to understand that when you focus on your objectives, you actually help your target market. Objectives-focused efforts would help you develop content your audience would love and share. Linking is an effective method of SEO, but content is still the king.

It is important that you hire professionals to do this job for you. We are a content writing company with native content writers . All our content is search engine optimized with proper linking and anchor text. You can also avail our cheap article writing services and get original blogs written. Please head to the services page and see what we can do for you.


By: Michael Wight