Why You Should Use Best Infographics

Why You Should Use Best Infographics

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lot has been said and written about the impact of infographics; the presence of best infographics does a lot more than just improve your bounce rate. They add to the whole experience and help businesses find a foothold.

Many websites are solely running due to the presence of infographics. But why? Read on to find out more about best infographics:

  • Best Infographics Improve Shares and Likes

If you want more people to look at what you’re posting, make sure to include best infographics. Posts with graphics get 94% more views than posts without graphics. But, sadly only 27% marketers seem to be doing it right. In addition to this, posts containing graphics tend to get more likes and shares on social media platforms. A post with the right kind of infographic has a higher chance of going viral than a post without proper use of graphics.

  • Easy to Comprehend

Infographics are far more easy to comprehend and remember. According to a research, people tend to remember only 10% of what they read, but when coupled with an infographic they tend to remember around 65% more. However, the information on the infographic should be presented properly with the help of proper fond, background and colors. Also, there should be as little text as possible.

  • The Page Looks Attractive

According to reports, the presence of colors (graphics) increases the chances of a page being read by up to 80%. This is because humans are attracted towards colors and would prefer to look at a color copy rather than a black and white page. Around 46% marketers already agree that images help in storytelling and grab attention. By using infographics you can decrease your page’s bounce rate. A number of people will leave a page if they see it full of text, but if there’s an infographic they will stay to at least have a look at it.

An Example: How Best Infographics Help

Look at this page talking about top 10 casinos, which is presented in a bullet. The information is there and it’s good and relevant, but at the same time it’s boring and hard to comprehend. Now, look at this infographic talking about top 10 games. Here, the information is presented in a neat manner and the colors make it very attractive. The casino can also present this information in the form of an infographic, by doing this they will improve their bounce rate, and also get more likes and shares.

A Problem – Infographics Means No Text

Misconception! You can include infographics with text. When you post an infographic, you can add text with it as well. A number of online marketers think they will not be able to include keywords if they turn to infographics. That’s a misconception. The truth is that when the information is there in the form of an infographic, most people will not read it, but you can use it for SEO purposes.

Here it is. The benefits of best infographics are clear. So if you have been evading graphics so far, now is the time to turn to a graphic designer and give your business a boost. That’s one advice you should not miss if you’re looking at becoming a success on the web.