Big Data Stats 2016: Big Data Statistics You Need to Know

Big Data Stats 2016: Big Data Statistics You Need to Know

Big data is everywhere. People are looking for big data stats 2016 as they want to know more about big data and how it has changed the world. According to reports, data is here to stay as we cannot function, at least in the virtual sphere, without the availability of data.

It has totally revolutionalized the world, if the big data stats 2016 are to be believed. However, sadly a number of people tend to ignore big data, giving more importance to other factors or neglecting its importance.

To help you convince how important big data is and why you should make it a part of your life, here are some big data statistics 2016.

Big Data Stats 2016

    1. The amount of data is on a constant rise. More data has been produced in the last two years alone than in all the previous years before that combined.
    2. There is too much information on the web, and it is constantly growing. Experts believe that by 2020, there would be about 1.7 megabytesof new data created every second all around the globe. This big data stat 2016 proves that data is here to stay and is on a constant rise.
    3. By the year 2020, we would have a total of  44 zettabytes data.
    4. The creation of new data is a continuous process that never stops. We create new data every second. Around 40,000 search queries are performed on Google every second. This result is data that helps businesses know what is being searched for so that they can plan accordingly.
    5. Being one of the biggest websites today, Facebook results in a lot of data that is used for a number of reasons. There have been more than 1 billion active users on Facebook in a single day, all of them generating data. They send around 31.25 million messages per day. With Facebook trying to increase its video content, now over 2.77 million videos are being watched every day on Facebook.

These big data stats 2016 prove that big data is here to stay. It has truly revolutionaized how businesses work. For more information on big data and how it is changing the world, keep checking our blog.